Welcome to the Coaching Leader Programme

You want your business to be as successful as possible with leaders:

  • Who are role models
  • Who can develop your talent
  • Who think and demonstrate a positive and innovative attitude
  • To give your business the edge.

This requires a certain leadership style where excellent coaching skills are a critical piece of the jigsaw for a winning company.

From Leader to Coaching Leader

The Coaching Leader programme has been developed by experienced senior coaching practitioners who have backgrounds in business, organizational development and psychology.

If you personally want to develop as a coaching leader, to achieve professional accreditation, and to understand much more how you can inspire and motivate your team to even greater performance and growth, then this is the programme for you.

If your organization as a whole wants to, or needs to, adopt a more coaching style of leadership the CLP will be a transformational experience for those who attend and will be a critical element in affecting a change of culture.